Our wines are the result of a joint work between vineyard and cellar,
between land and man, between agronomist and winemaker.
They are born in the respect of the territory and the varieties that compose them,
they grow in the attention to detail and in the search for elegance and harmony,
They mature and are refined in the tradition they represent.

In the white wines we protect our grape musts and macerates with dry ice,
we favor the flavors with low fermentation temperatures and cleaning of grape musts.
They age in contact with their lees with constant batonnage
making them more harmonious, round and savory.

In the red wines we promote the correct extraction to obtain distinctive but elegant wines,
long macerations are always assisted by temperatures suitable
for the oenological objective. The aging in wood never overrides the fruit,
nor the varietal characteristic.
The maturation takes place on the fine lees that soften the edges
and prepare the wines for the bottle,
where they rest for several months depending on the products and are complexed
to give rise to a balanced and perfect product to taste.

Montefalco and Torgiano are the hearth of our project,
two souls of the same land, two viscerally different twins.

The Winemaker

Luca Mosconi, Winemaker and Production Manager of Tenute Baldo Agricola He started his adventure in the wine world in a prestigious Tuscan brand that accompanies him until the Degree in Viticulture and Enology at the University of Perugia. During...

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