“In absolute clearness there is seen just as much,
and as a little, as in absolute darkness (….)
Pure light and pure darkness are two voids
which are the same thing.”

This is the dualism that determines our Universe..
There is no Light without Darkness,
as well as there is no Yin without Yang.
The line of our Torgiano wines wants to express
this concept of simultaneous ambivalence
and perfect balance.



Madre Luna is a wine for aging and, thanks to its structure , it is perfect for an aging for at least 12 months in French Oak barrel. Trebbiano, whose maturation is extreme in order to give caramelized notes and intensity, goes well with...

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Figlio della Luna
Bianco di Torgiano DOC

Mother as well as Moon are symbols of life, because they give and preserve life. From the same grapes, Trebbiano and Chardonnay, harvested in different aging times, this wine originates. From the mother the son was born, our Torgiano Bianco Doc...

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Rosso di Torgiano DOC

The Air is the halo of Energy that surrounds all living beings. Vitae in Latin, in addition to recalling the sacred plant which gives rise to all the wines, means “of the life”. Wine is “Transformation”, a symbol of existence in continuous...

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Spirito della Vite
Torgiano Rosso Riserva

It is in the spirit the moment when the idea (the grape) comes to full awareness of its own infinity. Thus the three varieties, Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, after a careful selection of the best bunches in the field and then in the...

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