The Winemaker

Luca Mosconi, Winemaker and Production Manager of Tenute Baldo Agricola
He started his adventure in the wine world
in a prestigious Tuscan brand that accompanies him until the Degree
in Viticulture and Enology at the University of Perugia.
During this period he deepens all the topics of the cellar
and laboratory in the various estates of the brand.
Finished this experience, he worked in a project
related to the development and experimentation of analytical methods
aimed at quantifying the polyphenolic fractions of red wines,
in collaboration with ISVEA and AWRI.
He collaborated with some Umbrian institutions until 2019
when he joins our staff as production manager and all-round winemaker.
A professional figure of great depth and dynamism
as required by the winemaking world which is always in great
transformation and updating