Located in the heart of green Umbria, among the native species of the territory,
where art blends with nature and the most genuine viticulture;
The Tenute Baldo Agricola brands its identity with an area that spans 60 hectares of vineyards

“In absolute clearness there is seen just as much, and as a little, as in absolute darkness (….) Pure light and pure darkness are two voids which are the same thing.” This is the dualism that determines our Universe.. There is no Light without...

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The FALCO, in addition to name the production area of Sagrantino, has inspired us in naming our bottles of MONTEFALCO’s DOC and DOCG. Frederick I in 1185 invested Rainaldo dei Monaldi di Foligno in the county of Coccorone, adding the County of...

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(Indicazione Geografica Tipica – Typical Geographical Indication) To finish the range of our magnificent products we have two IGT lines: – Le ripaie – IGT Premium “Le ripaie” is a linee of three IGT Varietals composed of...

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