Montefalco Grechetto DOC

Nido del Falco

Our selection of Grechetto, iconic Umbrian variety, is protected, since the harvest,
from oxidation with the support of CO2,
which cloaks and protects each grape as if they were eggs in a hawk’s nest.
Grechetto grapes are rich in polyphenols which protect the wine and
makes it most durable and suitable for aging. In the glass, Nido del Falco
has a beautiful, golden, intense and bright color. The intensity of the aromas
is important and vivid, yellow apple, ripe peach, acacia honey,
broom, beeswax, it’s like walking in a summer meadow.
Dried fruit, especially bitter almond to trace
one of the distinctive aromatic receptors of this grape.
The whole draws a high profile aromatic spectrum as is the wine itself.
The taste is round and soft and it is the evidence of the aging of fine lees for about 6 months.
The wine is long and persistent, pulpy, fresh, elegant and refined, bitter in the finish,
a classic note that makes us savor the typicality of Grechetto at the highest levels.